According to the Associated Press, the Alliance of American Football made an effort to land a big fish by the name of Colin Kaepernick prior to its televised debut this past week.

However, an agreement was not made, as the AP reports a "person with knowledge of the conversation" says Kaepernick was looking for $20+ million to consider donning the pads for the new league. This reported figure stands in stark contrast with the league's current contract system, which pay out just over $250,000 (with a chance for bonuses) over the course of three years to every player in the league.

Considering the fact that games were being broadcast on the NFL Network this past weekend, it seems reasonable to assume that the NFL views the AAF not as a competitor, but as a potential minor league system to pluck future players from.

Further supporting that conclusion, the Alliance has stated that its mission is to give players who aren't in the NFL the chance to remain in pro football with the chance of getting signed to the NFL after the AAF season wraps up in April. Despite the three-year deals mentioned above, players are free to pursue NFL careers beginning in May. If that doesn't happen (which is sure to be the case for a large majority of players) they're obligated to return to the AAF. As it currently stands, more than 80 percent of players on AAF teams have previously spent time in either an NFL camp or on an NFL roster.

In addition to Kaepernick, the league also made an effort to get Tim Tebow to sign a deal. That was also rejected as Tebow (who is currently in Spring Training with the New York Mets) cited his desire to continue pursuing a career in Major League Baseball instead.

In other Kaepernick-related news (or, perhaps more accurately, Cris Carter news) the Hall of Fame wideout turned FS1 talking head suggested that Kaep could be Tom Brady's eventual successor because of his relationship with Patriots owner Robert Kraft. "The replacement for Tom Brady ... might not come through the draft. ... I wouldn't be surprised if the Patriots looked at a guy like Kap," Carter said on Fox Sports 1's First Things First on Friday. "Like, I wouldn't be surprised. ... The Krafts are very, very fond of Colin Kaepernick. ... If someone will do it, it will be the people in New England." Go ahead and watch the clip below if you want.