Tim Tebow Wants to Play Professional Baseball Now That His NFL Career Is Over

Tim Tebow wants to play professional baseball and plans to hold an open tryout for MLB teams in late August.

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Tim Tebow’s NFL dreams are dead. They died last year after the Eagles signed him to a one-year contract in April 2015, only to cut him a few months later after he took part in four preseason games for the team. No other NFL teams showed interest in Tebow after that, and he went back to serving as a college football analyst for ESPN.

It sounds like Tebow still wants to play professional sports, though, and according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, he’s going to attempt to do it by giving up on football for the time being in order to focus on…baseball? That’s right. Tebow was an all-state baseball player in Florida back in high school, and it sounds like he’s going to attempt to regain his swing in order to play professional baseball at some point in the near future. Schefter appeared on ESPN’s Mike & Mike on Tuesday morning and talked about Tebow’s intentions to go pro in a new sport.

"This is a situation here where, at least at one point, Tim Tebow was an accomplished baseball player and how much that fades and how much can be recaptured and how much he can make that transition, I guess we’ll find out," Schefter said. "I guess we’ll see. I never would put anything past him, and we’ll see how it works later this month."

Schefter spoke with Tebow’s agent Jimmy Sexton, and he confirmed that Tebow will try to play pro baseball this summer. Tebow, who turns 29 on Sunday, plans to hold an open tryout for all 30 MLB teams in late August to show them what he can do both at the plate and in the field as an outfielder.

"Obviously, we support Tim in his pursuit of a baseball career, as we have all his ventures," Sexton said.

Sound crazy? It is. Tebow hasn't played baseball in more than a decade now—his last high school game took place in 2005—and even if he impresses scouts, there's not a huge market out there for 29-year-old MLB rookies. Stay tuned to see how far Tebow is able to take this.

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