Adding to the crazy events that followed the highly publicized Manny Pacquiao/Adrien Broner fight on Saturday, a special celebrity decided to try her hand in media in hopes to put a smile on Broner's face. 

Tiffany Haddish crashed the post-fight presser to add some levity to the proceedings after he felt he was robbed by the judges.As a result, Broner continued to claim that he did indeed beat Pacman, making for an awkward post-fight press conference.

Thnk goodness for Haddish, who snuck in a few funny questions that helped lighten the mood.

"Question for you, can you hook your girl up with a Fashion Nova outfit," Haddish asked in allusion to the brand that sponsored Broner's ring attire. Haddish said she was covering the fight for the fictitious "South Central News" network.

With a smile, Broner ensured that the superstar comedian could get whatever she wanted before sharing some encouraging words with Haddish. 

"Aye, and I'm going to let you know," Broner began. "Just like I came out here and performed and I ain't get it — I ain't get the decision, keep your head up girl."

Broner's response might have been in regards to Haddish's New Year's Eve stand-up performance in Miami where she went viral for bombing and forgetting her jokes.

Below, some more Broner-related jokes courtesy of Haddish.