You can always count on Hall of Fame wide receiver Terrell Owens to provide some entertaining trash talk whenever he's in front of a camera, and his appearance on the upcoming episode of Kevin Hart's internet interview series Cold as Balls is no different.

In the clip above, Owens and Hart discuss the defining moments of TO's career. The conversation quickly shifts to Owens' over-the-top touchdown celebrations, settling on his now infamous spike on the Dallas Cowboys' star. 

This disrespect compelled Dallas safety George Teague to blindside TO during the celebration, nearly resulting in an on-field brawl. Despite being completely leveled by Teague, Owens took the opportunity here to deliver some of his trademark trash talk. "George, it didn't hurt. Like it was real weak. Just like your game, it was real weak... I mean, it was weak."

The full conversation between Owens and Hart premieres on Tuesday (Jan. 15) at 12 p.m. ET. The legendary receiver joins the likes of Russell Westbrook, Lisa Leslie, Floyd Mayweather, and more who will appear on the second season of Hart's Laugh Out Loud networks' flagship show.

New episodes of Cold As Balls will debut weekly on, the Laugh Out Loud YouTube channel, and the network's app.