Despite repeated vows in previous interviews where he said it would be the last time he would address it, Kevin Hart once again had more (largely similar) things to say about that whole Oscars thing in a new Breakfast Club interview.

"This promo tour has probably been one of the most draining that I've done," Hart, who's currently out doing these sorts of appearances in promotion of The Upside, said around four minutes into the video above. "They wanna just keep on dragging this Oscars thing up. You gotta try to be as patient as you can and smile, be the nice guy and shut shit down."

When asked why it seems like he's always talking about it despite insisting that he would no longer be talking about it, Hart put the blame on how publications have handled the hosting fiasco. "It's not that you're talking about it," he said. "Here's what people fail to realize: media makes things look so fucking big."

However, Hart joked, there's been an additional potential upside to the fallout: "This shit has taken my celebrity to another level," he said.

Still, Charlamagne decided to throw in another question on the topic around the 6:30 mark. "There is no lesson," Hart said when asked what he had learned from this experience. "People keep asking me about a fucking lesson. There's no lesson! The lesson was learned. It was learned ten years ago when this shit stopped. There's a ten-year gap that showed lesson learned."

Hart also discussed apologies, The Upside, and more. The whole thing can be found via the video up top.

As for the Bryan Cranston co-starring Upside, the movie opened this weekend to decidedly not great reviews but decidedly enthusiastic box office dollars.