The upcoming Fast & Furious spinoff Hobbs and Shaw, will now have another pro-wrestler to add to its cast list, Roman Reigns. 

Dwayne Johnson announced the news on his Instagram Friday, writing, "Good times droppin’ sweat and spillin’ blood with my family, Roman Reigns who’ll be playing my brother in our FAST & FURIOUS UNIVERSE." 

The former Universal Champion announced in October that he would be stepping away from the WWE due to an ongoing battle with leukemia. The wrestler has spent the last decade combatting the cancer, however he doesn't intend on retiring. "After I’m done whooping leukemia’s ass I’m coming back home," he said. 

During the announcement, Johnson applauded Reigns' perseverance and his genuine spirit. “I’m very proud of his focus, effort and authentic performance in our movie for his very first time on film,” he said. “I’m also very grateful to spend this quality time with my cousin here in the islands as he takes life one day at a time to recover from leukemia.”

In December, the Rock appeared in a promotional video where three young fans were brought onto the set of Hobbs and Shaw. The visit was coordinated by the Make-a-Wish foundation and Johnson is seen giving the children presents, showing them the set, and talking to them about his role in the Fast & Furious spinoff.

In addition to Dwayne Johnson and Roman Reigns, the film will also star Idris Elba and Jason Statham. 

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