Football is hard on the body, particularly at the NFL level where players just seem to get bigger and stronger every year. So it's no wonder that on the latest episode of Odell Beckham Jr.'s UNINTERRUPTED docu-series, I am more: OBJ,  he explains how much money he invests to stay in the best shape he can.

"I take care of my body each and every day," he says in the latest episode, a preview of which debuted Thursday night. "I put, probably, over $300,000 in my body in the offseason. It's a lot to upkeep. I don't ever want to decline."

While $300K might sound like a lot to most people, it's not so insane when you consider what Beckham and his peers in the NFL face when they're coming across the middle. True, new rules protect wide receivers and quarterbacks more than they ever have, and it's opened up the game as a result. But there's still a toll to be paid for the modern-day gladiators on the gridiron. Beckham's broken left ankle last October is a testament to that. 

But let's put this in some perspective. LeBron James reportedly spends seven figures on his body every year, and while there's certainly a lot of wear-and-tear for a player who routinely leads the league in minutes and has appeared in June's NBA Finals for the last eight summers, it's a sliver of the pounding a wide receiver takes during a typical NFL season. So maybe, with that new contract in hand, Beckham spends even more getting ready for the 2019 season, or at least learns to love water so he's not cramping up.

So far this season, all that dough has paid off. Beckham, 26, has caught 77 balls for 1,052 yards and six touchdowns through 12 games this season, which is right around his All-Pro levels from before the ankle injury. That's with Eli Manning throwing to him, too. He's also passed for two touchdowns, and says "I feel like next year I’ll be even better." Three hundred stacks and he better be.