If you've got Drew Brees as your NFL MVP, you might be in the concussion protocol. That's how dominant second-year QB Patrick Mahomes has been for the 12-4 Chiefs, who clinched the top seed in the NFC after a 35-3 shellacking of the Raiders on Sunday. Mahomes threw his 49th and 50th touchdown passes and went over 5,000 yards (5,097 on the year) for the season in the rout.

His 50 touchdowns on the year join Peyton Manning—who threw 55 in 2013—and Tom Brady—who had 50 in 2007 (the Randy Moss season)—as the only QBs to have achieved the feat. On top of that, he was the sixth player to ever toss over 5,000 yards in a season, as well, joining Manning, Brady, Matthew Stafford, Brees and Dan Marino.

However, only Mahomes and Manning have thrown for 50 touchdowns and 5,000 yards in a single season. Here's his 50th, a brazen, 89-yard toss off one foot in the third quarter to DeMarcus Robinson: 

And here's No. 49, a more traditional 67-yard beauty that caught Tyreek Hill in stride behind the defense:

Before you trot out the argument to give Drew Brees a lifetime achievement MVP, remember that the Chiefs gave up the second-most yards in the NFL this season, yet somehow still secured the top seed in the Conference. That's all thanks to the 23-year-old Mahomes and nobody knows that more than the fans. 

Aside from Dan Marino's bonkers 1984 season, all the other Hall of Fame quarterbacks mentioned had their most explosive seasons a lot further along in their careers. This was the first season Mahomes was the starter from Week 1. 

And before haters add an asterisk because Mahomes accomplished his season amid an offensive explosion league-wide, just look at how his contemporaries compare.

What an electrifying fall for the ketchup fan.

Watch all 50 of his touchdown tosses below, and don't forget he also threw a dang no-look pass earlier this season: