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The Cleveland Browns have become one of this year's surprise success stories due mainly to the quarterback play of rookie sensation Baker Mayfield. And once again, Mayfield's electrifying heroics were on display Sunday afternoon when he led the Browns to a 26-18 victory over the Cincinnati Bengals.

Adding more spice to this in-state rivalry, the Bengals' new assistant coach Hue Jackson started the season as the Browns' head play-caller. During his time with the Browns, there had been rumblings of discontent with Jackson for his reluctance to start Jackson over Tyrod Taylor. And although Mayfield did receive the job while Jackson was still with the team, the rift between the coach and the players could not be mended, which led to his departure.

Knowing this history made Mayfield's spectacular performance one for the ages. The number one pick of this year's draft dazzled the sold-out home crowd as he put up 284 yards to push the Browns to an even .500 record after going 0-16 the year prior. Capping off this incredible feat is the way Mayfield put the dagger in the game. After tossing the game-sealing 66-yard reception to tight end David Njoku, Mayfield took time away from celebrating to hit Hue Jackson with a cold stare that solidified how he feels about his former coach.