The Boston Red Sox's World Series trophy had a great run, but after just three days, it's already damaged. The destruction allegedly occurred when fans threw beer cans in the direction of the duck boats carrying the players and coaches during Wednesday's championship parade.

Boston police arrested and charged Patrick Connolly, 19, with disorderly conduct and assault and battery with a dangerous weapon after striking an unidentified person aboard the float, according to ESPN.

CBS Boston suspects that Red Sox manager Alex Cora was the unidentified person hit with the can that resulted in Connolly's arrest. The incident was posted on Twitter, and shows Cora pointing in the area where he believes the can was thrown. 

"I love Cora, I didn’t mean to hit him," Connolly told officers, according to the police report obtained by CBS Boston.

Connolly wasn't the only person throwing cans at the duck boats involved in the parade. Pitcher Joe Kelly caught the beer tossed his way. 

Outfielder Mookie Betts went into defensive mode, instead of trying to make the catch. 

As for the trophy, Red Sox spokeswoman Zineb Curran told the Boston Globe that it was "minimal damage that’s easily repaired. Not a big deal."