Football lovers rejoice, because the future is looking bright. Some young high school athletes just won the Washington Catholic Athletic Conference in a truly epic way.

With 45 seconds left in the conference championship game against DeMatha, the players of Gonzaga High School were losing 36-33. According to Yahoo, Gonzaga then took the lead with a long pass and a touchdown that pushed them to 40-36 with 29 seconds left.

But DeMatha wouldn’t let the championship slip away so easily. The high school has won four WCAC titles over the past six years, and on the kick return following Gonzaga’s touchdown, a senior from DeMatha took the ball back to the end zone for a touchdown. The lead changed once again, with DeMatha up 43-40.

But instead of accepting defeat, Gonzaga pulled off a game-winning miracle. With only four seconds left on the clock, the team’s sophomore quarterback threw a Hail Mary in a last ditch effort to take back the game. The ball traveled a whopping 53 yards and landed in the hands of a Gonzaga receiver lost in a sea of players from both teams waiting in the end zone. 

With a catch like that, absolutely everyone went crazy. Check out the iconic moment in the clip below.

Gonzaga ended up winning their first WCAC since 2002 and quarterback Caleb Williams was named the WCAC offensive player of the year. Yahoo reports that the sophomore has already gotten offers from huge schools like Alabama, Michigan and Penn State, which means we’ll likely hear about him for years to come.