Baron Davis was at the Warriors-Bucks game on Thursday night, so of course he discussed his availability should an NBA team need a 39-year-old point guard whose weight drastically went up and down during his career, which ended with devastating right knee injury at the end of the 2011-12 season. A nearby reporter dutifully shared the news.

That same reporter also acknowledged the WTF of the whole thing.

Almost five years ago, it was former Knicks reporter Jared Zwerling playing the role of Baron's comeback microphone:

After Baron failed to get picked up that season, he tried again the very next summer.

Fast forward to the following fall of 2016, and there's Baron again, this time suiting up in the D-League (now G-League) in an attempt to get back in the Association.

That same year, multiple outlets, including the Los Angeles Times AND the New York Times, wrote about his comeback attempt, despite the fact it was his third successive year trying to get back in the NBA.

In the summer of 2017, he once again attempted to gin up some interest from an NBA team, but with his own tweet this time:

Perhaps there's an extraterrestrial squad that could use a backup point?

Davis tore his MCL, ACL, and part of his kneecap the last time he stepped on an NBA hardwood with the Knicks in 2012.  His most notable basketball moment since then probably came when he scored 44 points in a 2015 Drew League game, which is probably how he found himself with the D-League's Delaware 87ers. In the six games he suited up with Delaware during their 2015-16 campaign, he played 22.5 minutes a night, averaging 12.8 points per game on 35.5 percent shooting, and 31.5 percent from deep.

We'll always remember Baron's playoff dunk on AK-47 for the "We Believe" Warriors, as well as his All-Star level play before his body started breaking down, but it's probably time to let it all go. If not, we'll see you around this time next year, when we can do the same song and dance.