This one gained traction after Washington’s Markieff Morris suffered what looked like a bad ankle injury in Game 1 against the Celtics. Despite the severity of the sprain, he came back to score 16 points and snag 6 rebounds in 26 minutes of action in Game 2. It was the game where Isaiah Thomas dropped 53 points, but Kieff’s play opened up the possibility that Marcus, who played for the Pistons at the time, might’ve played for Kieff instead.


Because of their remarkable resemblance, and the fact they used to switch teams back during their AAU days, it had the air of something more than just intrigue. It really seemed possible because we all fools.

“I think they might know,” Markieff said in 2013 of the identity swap they pulled off as teenagers. “I’m not as skilled as Mook is. We did it before in AAU ball. [The jersey switch] was on the bench. It happened real quick. He had hurt his ankle but I had fouled out. I gave them a little limp back in, like I was hurt and kept playing.”

Both Markieff and Marcus have similar games, sweet-shooting tweeners who can ostensibly guard both multiple positions, so a switch would be remarkably easy to get past a cursory inspection. Though a trained eye, like Kieff mentioned, would have picked out the differences really quickly.

USA Today’s Joseph Andrew attended Kansas with both brothers and wrote about their slight differences in tattoos—the “FOE” (family over everything) tattoo below their chins is more compact on Marcus and the ‘E’ on his isn’t as prominent— and the fact Kieff is an inch and a half taller than Marcus with a longer face. Not only that, but Andrew points out that Marcus has a quicker release on his jumper than Kieff. Getting even more real, there might be liability and contractual issues if Marcus had suited up that day. Would they have to re-play the game? What if Washington won? Would it be forfeited? Probably. Plus, there’s no way either would agree to do it, even if we want to believe they’ve done it at least once in the NBA already and have sworn each other to secrecy.

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