The Warriors tipped off in the late game Tuesday night, collecting their championship rings before withstanding a third quarter comeback by a Thunder team missing Russell Westbrook, ultimately winning 108-100 at home. The real news came after the game, when Kevin Durant took to Instagram and his brother, Tony Durant, appeared to prematurely foreshadow KD's summer plans.


1 down, 81 more. What a night!!

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Here's the comment that had reddit's r/NBA board agog because it appeared to reveal that KD—who has a player option this summer—has already decided this is his final season in the Bay, despite the fact they move into their new arena next season:

Here's the comment in question, if you couldn't make it out:

"Yessir brother!!!! Filling the hand up before we outta here!"

However, Tony responded to the rumors his comment elicited, claiming that "get outta here" actually meant retirement:

Sure thing Tony.

Aside from our own guess, perhaps the best speculation we've seen about Durant's future comes via long-time NBA reporter Marc Stein. The New York Times reporter recently told right-wing caricature Radio Ethan on the House of Strauss podcast he thought Durant would commit for one more season in Oakland San Francisco to play one season in the new arena. But then, he's gone. We think he's leaving this summer if the Warriors capture a third straight title and he adds a third Finals MVP to his mantle, but if they're somehow upset in the West, or in the Finals, Stein's hypothesis seems more realistic. However, we doubt Durant even knows what he's gonna do, so there's no way his brother does. But the internet's gonna internet.