Perhaps you remember scratching your head while watching former Black Eyed Peas frontwoman Fergie perform a surreal version of the national anthem before the 2018 NBA All-Star Game. Afterwards, she wanted everyone to know she tried her best. If you find someone else's embarrassment disquieting, it was an excruciating listen. Don't believe us? Try it:

Because of this, the NBA all-stars in attendance had a hard time stifling their own giggles as it was happening, most notably Draymond Green.

Now Fergie's estranged husband (they aren't yet divorced, but separated), Josh Duhamel, is crying foul, saying in an interview that Draymond was being a "prick" with his...grin and should have reached out to apologize.

Here's Duhamel's full quote if you're upset at the media's contemporaneous pivot to video:

The thing that made me upset was that she was taking a lot of really cruel comments, people were really trolling. I was pissed off at Draymond Green, first of all. I think he owed her an apology. I thought he was kind of a prick. Just because he knew the camera was on him, and he snickered about. I just thought that, if he would have been a real man, he would have at least called her and said, ‘Listen, I’m sorry that I caused all this.’ … That’s what a real man would have done, in my opinion. 

Duhamel seems likes a solid enough guy—as far as privileged white men with movie star looks go—who is looking out for the mother of his child. But man, there's a lot more to be upset about these days than some uncomfortable smiles during an admittedly weird anthem.