You spend all offseason practicing. You hype yourself up in the locker room. You go out on opening day and... you get caught by someone on the other team and turned into a poster or worse, Twitter fodder. It can happy to any of us, provided that "us" is "some of the best basketball players in the world." And on the first night of the NBA season, it happened to Joel Embiid of the 76ers. 

Jaylen Brown hit a lay-up over the big man in spite of the fact that Embiid clearly got hands on it. He capped off the layup with a nice stare-down. 

Embiid's rough night wasn't over, though. One good stare-down on a fluke shot deserves another. And Jayson Tatum was more than willing to oblige, winking at Embiid after banking a shot over his outstretched arms. 

Another embarrassing moment for Embiid came when he got blocked into the Earth's crust by Terry Rozier. 

The star Sixer doesn't seem to be sweating it too much. 

All we know is, Embiid should probably stay off social media.