On Sunday, the Warriors were in Denver to take on the Nuggets. Golden State's highest profile signing this summer, DeMarcus Cousins, watched the game from the bench, where he'll likely remain into the new year after tearing his left Achilles' tendon in late January of last season. Despite such a brutal injury, particularly for a big man, the signing set the internet ablaze with fans decrying the back-to-back champions somehow getting a player of Cousins' caliber on the cheap. But after the injury, no one else really wanted him, so the Warriors took advantage. Despite this, a fan clad in a Cavs jersey (who the hell wears a Cavs jersey to a Nuggets-Warriors game in Denver?) went apeshit at Cousins during the game, getting a bemused reaction from the subject of his ire.

We can't stress enough how peculiar this fan's reaction was, particularly in a Cavs jersey at a game in Denver when the Cavs weren't playing. We're not the only ones puzzling over the Cavs component of the story.

There were other good points made at the expense of the fan, too:

Then the internet did what the internet does.

Some fans, however, agreed with the sentiment, mirroring some of the reactions when news of the Cousins signing became public this summer.

One fan posted a video that sums up the real reason Golden State's title chances tilted too far in their favor, back on July 4, 2016.

Most fans reacted like Cousins did, with perplexed amusement: 

Before the game, Kerr gave an update on the progress Cousins is making for a return to the court, so it'll be a while before the Warriors really ruin the NBA again.