Earlier this summer, Portland Trailblazers guard C.J. McCollum hosted Golden State Warriors forward Kevin Durant on his podcast. Their conversation led to an emotionally charged back-and-forth on Twitter, as McCollum remains salty about the loaded Warriors continually adding stars (Durant in 2016, DeMarcus Cousins this summer). 

"I gotta play you m-fers all the time as it is, over and over again," the frustrated McCollum said on the podcast.

When the conversation extended to Twitter, he called Durant's move to Golden State "soft."

The two stars later diffused the situation, with Durant claiming they had no beef. While in China to promote his kicks, however, McCollum served up more Warriors hate, saying he thinks players joining the reigning champs is "disgusting."

"I would never do anything of that nature," McCollum said. "I think that's disgusting. I'm not built like those guys. I was raised differently."

He added that some players may follow a similar path in the future, but "most guys have too much pride, want to really win on their own or under certain organizations, and aren't just going to jump the bandwagon."