Earlier this week, Damian Lillard crossed over into the field of interest of his Portland Trail Blazers teammate C.J. McCollum, by dropping some breaking news about sportswriter Chris Haynes joining Yahoo Sports as a senior NBA insider. 

When someone compared him to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski, the league’s top insider, Lillard teased us with more #DameBombs in the future. 

On Friday, Lillard delivered once again, revealing that Sam Amick was leaving USA Today for The Athletic

And Dame may not be done with his offseason hustle of being the first to break the news regarding the shifting roles of writers covering the NBA.

Despite graduating from Lehigh University with a degree in journalism and occasionally applying his studies in his off time, McCollum's accomplishments up until now have practically been overshadowed by Lillard's week-long run. C.J. jokingly commented on his teammate trying his hand as a journalist on Twitter.  

A top-tier backcourt on the hardwood, and a force to be reckoned with in sports journalism. We dare you to name a better, more well-rounded duo.