Date: Aug. 26, 1991
Wrestlers: Big Bossman, The Mountie
Stadium and location: Madison Square Garden (New York)

Because a pinfall, submission, or just beating the hell out of each other simply won't do, The Mountie and Big Bossman faced off in a Jailhouse Match. The loser had to be taken away in a paddy wagon, fingerprinted, and placed in an NYC jail cell for 24 hours.

The Mountie did have Jimmy Hart on his side, but "The Mouth of the South" wouldn't be that much of a factor. His appearance really only had two highlights: getting called "The greatest walking advertisement for birth control" by one of the commentators and watching The Mountie lose as he received a vicious slam from Big Bossman. The Mountie had to get locked up.

As the NYPD dragged The Mountie to jail, he screams "I'm the Mountie! You can't fingerprint me." Well, they can with kayfabe, and in real life you can face years' long imprisonment for impersonating a police officer.