In 2016, the WWE has become a touchstone for the mainstream like never before. Sure, studio wrestling has always been popular, but never before has it been this big, or this thoroughly covered by major media outlets. WWE has programming multiple times a week and now gets coverage from ESPN on a regular basis.

The WWE also has its own reality TV shows on E! and Fox, with its superstars carrying the brand to the next level. With the WWE more popular than ever, avid wrestling fans Action Bronson, Wale, Peter Rosenberg, and Joe La Puma connected at Complex Con for a very special panel where they discussed the state of the WWE.

The conversation revolved around the direction of the WWE in 2016, which the panel was enthusiastic about. But it's not without its faults as well. "All of the complaining I do about it is part of my love for WWE," Rosenberg said.

Wale agreed. Hilariously enough, Action Bronson, who is an avid fan of old-school wrestling, noted that he's really excited about the WWE product in a live setting in 2016, but not on TV. "I want to go back to the ECW days," Bronson proclaimed. 

On the subject of new talent, the guys agreed that the pool is deeper now than ever, and that the future of the company depends on on how that talent is utilized. "The sport is who is going to be your favorite, who is going to tell the best story," Wale said. Interestingly enough, the big drawback for Rosenberg right now is that the WWE spoils its own surprises instead of letting fans find them out during the shows. 

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