President Donald Trump's Twitter fingers caused a ruckus in the sports world last week when he chastised LeBron James and said, "I like Mike!"

Afterward, Michael Jordan had LeBron's back...

...but his response wasn't sufficient in Shannon Sharpe's eyes. The Undisputed co-host criticized MJ Monday for not mentioning Trump by name in his statement. Sharpe also didn't think the statement was harsh enough.

I believe the retort should also name him. And it should also be equally as harsh. This is the one time, Michael, you have criticize, get-out-of jail-free pass because of what President Trump said about Don Lemon. What he said about LeBron James, given his track record over the past year what he's said about other prominent African Americans. And you chose, you support LJ? You support him as what? As a father? As a family man? What exactly are you supporting? Michael wants to swim, but he doesn't want to get wet.

Sharpe, a Pro Football Hall of Fame tight end, is a big LeBron fan.