Two LeBron Jameses made news for dunks last week—13-year-old Bronny threw down his first dunk, and before one of his games, his dad hopped into the pre-game layup lines and put on a show. The O.G. LeBron wowed the crowd with a couple dunks. Light work.

FOX Sports' Skip Bayless has built his career off of hating on LeBron, so it should come as no surprise that Skip chastised LeBron's decision to join the layup lines on Undisputed, Skip's show with unabashed LeBron lover Shannon Sharpe.

"This was just so pathetically wrong on so many levels because first of all, his namesake son, 13-year-old LeBron James Jr., is obviously trying to make his own way in basketball," Skip said. "He's trying to make a name for himself. And all of the sudden, his father is in their layup line doing contest dunks—not just shooting layups like the kids are shooting. He's doing contest dunks."

In response, Sharpe said LeBron was just trying to get his son fired up. LeBron's dunk show didn't seem to hinder the squad's performance.

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