Many expected Paul George would sign with his hometown team, the Los Angeles Lakers, this summer, but he surprisingly elected to return to the Oklahoma City Thunder. George chronicled his free-agency decision in a three-part documentary project with ESPN, dubbed My Journey. Check out all three episodes below.

In the third and final episode, which dropped Tuesday, George explains his thought process in choosing the Thunder over the Lakers.

"I 100 percent appreciate Laker Nation for wanting me to come back home, wanting me to play in front of them," George says. "I wanted to come here a year ago prior to going to OKC. Unfortunately, [I] wasn't traded to [the] Lakers. Lakers didn't grab me. I was traded to Oklahoma. That has been a beautiful thing for me."

It seemed like a cop-out explanation, considering George had the power to choose whichever team he wanted this summer, and the five-time All-Star quickly caught heat on Twitter.

Oklahoma City traded Victor Oladipo—who turned into this year's Most Improved Player—and Domantas Sabonis for George, making a gamble that paid off.