In recent weeks, there have been some rumblings in the NBA world that Jimmy Butler is not exactly happy with his current situation as a member of the Minnesota Timberwolves. Although the team made its way to the playoffs this past season as the eighth seed in the Western Conference, they were quickly bounced by the Rockets in a 4-1 series. Butler is also reportedly unhappy with the work ethic of some of his younger teammates and wants out of Minnesota. 

Since the news broke regarding Butler's unhappiness, rumors have began to float around about where would be the best fit for the shooting guard. If his recent social media activity is any indication, Butler would love to be a member of the San Antonio Spurs. This past Tuesday, Butler's Instagram account liked a comment that simply read, "jimmy to spurs." 

The 28-year old followed that up by liking a similar comment that tagged him and read, "@jimmybutler spurs confirmed."

Butler will reportedly opt out of his current contract following the 2018-2019 season, meaning that the option for Jimmy Buckets to pack his bags and move down to Texas is certainly on the table. With Kawhi Leonard on his way out and one of the best coaches of all time still at the helm in Gregg Popovich, suiting up in black and silver would likely bode well for the All-Star caliber shooting guard.

He has also recently expressed interest in teaming up with Kyrie Irving, meaning a trade to the Boston Celtics could be in the works as well. With Irving's contract expiring after this season, the two could also potentially link up in another city as teammates (start the hype train now New York Knicks fans).

Whatever the final decision, it seems like Butler's time in a T'Wolves jersey might be waning.