On Friday, UFC flyweight Andrea Lee posted a seemingly innocent photo of herself and her husband enjoying their weekend on the lake. What at first glance appears to be a harmless image of the couple is quickly tainted by one small but glaring detail: a swastika tattoo on the top of her husband’s forearm.

Quickly after posting the photo, people criticized “KGB” Lee (which is also a problematic nickname, but I digress) and her husband, calling the couple “racist,” “nazis,” and a number of other insults related to her husband’s permanent dedication to a symbol made popular by a fascist regime.

Lee quickly defended herself and her husband by claiming they couldn’t possibly be racist because they have “ethnic” friends. “We have an Asian & a black guy that live with us!” she wrote in a since deleted tweet. “Oh my gosh guys it’s a tattoo he got in prison, get over yourselves.”

Unfortunately for Lee and her husband, being a white person with brown or black friends doesn’t disqualify you from being racist or having racist tendencies like, I don’t know, getting a neo-nazi symbol tattooed on your body, for example. Try again.