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Two days after he abruptly ended a postgame press conference after a reporter asked him if he felt "helpless" trying to guard Klay Thompson and Steph CurryTristan Thompson explained why his feathers were so ruffled.

On Tuesday, Thompson made it clear that it was the phrasing of the inquiry that caused him to walk away. He did so by putting it in context, though perhaps he interpreted the question a bit too literally? I don't know, you be the judge.

“That was a dumb question,” Thompson said. “It just made no sense. Do you feel helpless? You (might) feel helpless if you’re getting robbed at gunpoint. That’s helpless. It’s basketball.”

Tough to argue that, I guess. But "helpless" or not, the Cavs must figure out how to shut down Thompson and Curry or this series is going to be over by the weekend.