LeBron James is the most dominant player of his generation, but he's encountered the ultimate foil: the most dominant team of his generation. The Golden State Warriors have won three of the last four NBA championships, besting King James' Cavs.

A San Francisco-based brewery has thought up a clever way to capitalize on its local NBA's teams recent success. The brewery, Barebottle Brewing, has released a new IPA dubbed "LeBron's Tears," celebrating King James' sadness. It's 6.5 percent alcohol. The brewery released the IPA with a creative photo and caption on Instagram.

Poor LeBron. It's safe to guess, however, that he isn't all that distraught. He played arguably the best basketball of his career in this postseason, and now he has the opportunity to move on to a new situation.

LeBron's free agency suitors include Cleveland, Houston, Philadelphia, San Antonio, and the Los Angeles Lakers, but others foresee a darkhorse—like the Denver Nuggets or Boston Celtics—entering contention. Basically: the guy can go wherever he wants.

The NBA world still revolves around LeBron, so he's probably not too sad after all. Still: great promotion.