A guy tried to open the emergency door on an airplane mid-flight, but luckily Michael Rapaport was there to save the day, according to Fox Sports director and fellow passenger Ted Kenney.

Kenney was flying to Los Angeles from Houston on Saturday morning when he heard someone yelling in the front of the plane. It was Rapaport, who had sprung out of his seat and shouted, “What the fuck are you doing?!”

When Kenney and two BIG3 players, Glen "Big Baby" Davis and Baron Davis went to see what the commotion was, Rapaport was holding a guy by the collar and hauling him away from the emergency door. Rapaport then told the flight crew that the guy was attempting to open it.

The man allegedly claimed that he thought it was the bathroom door, to which Kenney said, on Twitter, “Trying to open a door with a window in it that shows your 10,000 feet up and you think it's a bathroom? I'm not buying that.”

Rapaport made a funny quip on Twitter about the incident and gave a shoutout to Big Baby Davis and Baron Davis for helping out. Everyone was on their way back from the opening night of the second season of the BIG3 league.

According to Rapaport, marshals were on their way to LAX to pick up the guy who tried to open the emergency door.