On Monday, Kobe Bryant didn't appreciate (at all) a fan saying he would have zero rings if he were in LeBron's shoes. In fact, Bryant responded exactly like you'd think an ultra-ruthless competitor would. The tweet that provoked Kobe was none other than a fan stating he would have zero rings if he was in LeBron's exact shoes, playing LeBron's exact competition, with LeBron's exact teammates at the time (just read the tweet, it's not that confusing):

The writer of said tweet (@EricSal_7) was commenting on a Bleacher Report article where Bryant, along with other ex-players like Isiah Thomas, Paul Pierce, and Vince Carter, were commenting on James' legacy following his most recent Finals loss. The tweet was also quoting Bryant saying that nothing matters except winning titles. Not that that's anything new with Bryant:

Kobe countered by saying L.A. had to go through the Spurs nearly every year, while also beating a Celtics team that topped the Cavs in 2010. Obviously it's not entirely the same thing, but I just relay the information. It's up to you to @ him:

For reference, Bryant's quoted answer was in response to being asked "LeBron has three rings. He's been to more Finals than any player in modern times. But he's 3-6 after this series. Does that matter to his legacy?" Here was his full answer:

"All I thought about as a kid personally was winning championships. That’s all I cared about.That's how I valued Michael. That's how I valued [Larry] Bird. That's how I valued Magic [Johnson]. It was just winning championships. Now, everybody's going to value things differently, which is fine. I'm just telling you how I value mine.

If I'm Bron, you got to figure out a way to win. It's not about narrative. You want to win championships, you just gotta figure it out."

You can read the whole thing at BR. It contains a lot of lines like that.