With a puzzling NBA season behind us, Spurs fans are left wondering: Will Kawhi Leonard be back next season? 

The superstar played in only nine games this season as he recovered from a quadriceps injury, and his relationship with the franchise was clearly strained—so much so that league experts have speculated his time with San Antonio could be up.

Nonetheless, a recent report indicated the Spurs plan to offer Kawhi the super-max deal—the Spurs are the only team that could offer him the ultra-lucrative contract.

In a revelatory breakdown of the situation, ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski disclosed that the Boston Celtics made a run at Leonard at this year's trade deadline—but, of course, San Antonio turned down the offer.

The Spurs "never made a counterproposal," according to Woj, who cites league sources. He adds that San Antonio could come back to Boston if its renegotiation talks with Leonard do not go well.

Woj, however, speculates that Boston may longer be interested in Leonard. The Celtics' young stars, most notably Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown, broke out late in the season, and the Celtics have both players healthy and playing on rookie deals.

That does not mean it's a guarantee that the Spurs will hold onto Leonard. Woj adds that the Philadelphia 76ers and Los Angeles Lakers are both interested in the former San Diego State star, and both teams have plenty of trade assets.

Leonard, who finished in third place in 2016-17 MVP voting, is under contract for one more year. He has a player option next summer.