Odell Beckham Jr. and Shawn Mendes appear in a promo for the upcoming episode of Drop the Mic, a show that really should have gotten more recognition for the genius idea of taking such disparate pop culture icons and making them rap battle on a stage, in front of a live audience. 

In the promo, Beckham can be seen gracing the stage with all the swag we should expect from him.

However, his competitor, “We Don’t Talk Anymore” singer Shawn Mendes, is not half as bad as I expected him to be. 

Beckham’s starts things off with some biting commentary about Mendes' career. His first line goes: "No matter what you say, my ego won't burst/Because whatever you've done, John Mayer did it first."

Then comes my personal favorite: "Your skin is so pale, let's call it a hunch/You're so white, the only meal you eat is brunch."

However, Mendes’ lines attack Beckham for his dancing skills and height. “A dancing athlete that's a little unusual/It's the first time I've seen that since 'High School Musical,’" Mendes raps as hosts Method Man and Hailey Baldwin positively freak out.

In a second couplet, Mendes spits: “You said that I'm fake, I think millions disagree/How do they ever call you a Giant when you're shorter than me?" I mean, alright, the kid has a point.

Drop the Mic airs on TBS Sundays at 10:30 p.m.