Julio Jones is arguably the most dominant wide receiver in the NFL. The five-time Pro Bowler and two-time first-team All-Pro racked up 88 catches for 1,444 yards and three touchdowns last season. The Falcons underperformed, but he lived up to expectations.

Speculation that he may be unhappy in Atlanta, however, is brewing. Jones has not yet joined the Falcons for offseason workouts, according to ESPN. Additionally, he deleted all Falcons photos from his Instagram, which now contains only personal photos and memes.

ESPN reports the star receiver just wanted a "fresh start" on the 'gram. It's understandable—sometimes a little social media spring cleaning is in order—but this action compounded his absence from the workouts to fuel the speculation.

Jones also cleaned up his Twitter and removed links to the Falcons from it.

There are already fake accounts spreading fake rumors about Jones' future.

Benjamin Allbright reports the cleanup has nothing to do with the team.

It appears Jones really was just trying to clean up his feeds.

"At the end of the day, when that social media is gone—you delete social media right now, what you stand for, who are you?" Jones said in a recent episode of Bama Football Shop Talk. "Social media ain't going to make me."

Jones, 29, is under contract through 2020.