Allen Iverson is a major hoops head. The Answer continually shows up to support the Philadelphia 76ers, his former squad, and loyally follows the NBA. So it should come as no surprise that he's privy to the same question we all are forced to debate seemingly every day: how does LeBron James stack up with His Airness, Michael Jordan?

Despite seemingly every writer's repeated pleas, this debate continues, and it probably will for a long time. When we have the debate, however, Kobe Bryant's name isn't usually involved.

A.I. thinks that's an injustice. He believes the Black Mamba deserves more love in the G.O.A.T. discourse. Iverson shared his perspective in a new video from UNGUARDED.

"What bothers me is when they do talk about it, LeBron is great, first of all," Iverson said. "When they talk about comparing him to Mike, I don't understand how they don't have the debate when it comes to Kobe. I don't get it. What, you forgot or something? I really think they forgot. I really think they forgot the Mamba, man. Certified serial killer, man."

Remember the 2001 NBA Finals, when A.I. and Kobe went head to head? Good times. Safe to say Iverson knows firsthand just how much of a "certified serial killer" Kobe was back in the day. The respect is certainly mutual.

Kobe only won one MVP (somehow!), but he qualified for 18 All-Star Games and won five rings, tying him for 14th on the all-time list of most championships.