Winning seasons: 3
Playoff appearances: 2
Playoff wins: 1
Championships: 0
Misery points: 16.8

You knew they’d be No. 1.

Chances are most of the people reading this story don’t remember the last time the Browns were consistently good in the late-80s. Since 1990, they’ve had just three winning seasons: In 1994, they went 11-5 with a coach named Belichick, and won a playoff game—their most recent one to date. In 2002, they went 9-7, and earned a Wild Card berth—their only playoff appearance since returning to the NFL. And in 2007, they went 10-6, but failed to make the playoffs.

That’s it. Just about everything else Browns-related has been awful.

Since coming back to the NFL in 1999, they’ve gone through 28 starting quarterbacks, nine head coaches, and nine general managers. The vast majority of their first-round picks have become busts. They traded out of draft picks that became Julio Jones and Carson Wentz, and got little in return for either. Even worse, the original Browns franchise has won two Super Bowls since relocating to Baltimore in 1996.

I could easily—very, very easily—go on and on about how awful the Browns have been, but I’ll end on a point of optimism: Things are finally starting to look up in Cleveland. They have two top-five picks and three second-rounders in the upcoming NFL Draft, and have bought on Tyrod Taylor and Jarvis Landry. Cleveland now has a chance to develop a true franchise quarterback, and to surround him with top-tier talent. They might even win a game next year!