During the final minute of a December game between the Lakers and Nuggets, second-year guard Jamal Murray dribbled around Lakers rookie Lonzo Ball. The Lakers took exception to it.

Los Angeles is still salty. Ball recently called that a "punk move" and said he doesn't appreciate Murray's "circus stuff."

Lonzo Ball said Jamal Murray dribbling around him at end of last meeting was a “punk move.” He wouldn’t feed much into tonight’s developments but did reference Murray’s “circus stuff.”

— Bill Oram (@billoram) March 10, 2018

This is the kind of "circus stuff" to which Ball alluded.

Jamal Murray makes Lopez dance and then licks his fingers. pic.twitter.com/RbjkPptMQM

— Scott Charlton (@Scott_Charlton) March 10, 2018

Lakers coach Luke Walton hasn't appreciated Murray's actions either.

Luke Walton cussing out Jamal Murray at the end of the game. pic.twitter.com/AoXxETo7e2

— Scott Charlton (@Scott_Charlton) March 10, 2018

So, as you'd expect, when the teams met at Staples Center Tuesday night, Murray was not a welcome guest. As the Lakers sealed their 112-103 win in the final minute, fans chanted, "Murray sucks!"

Lakers fans chant "Murray sucks" for Jamal Murray pic.twitter.com/jBnzVSlpI4

— gifdsports (@gifdsports) March 14, 2018

And then, in the final seconds, Lakers guard Isaiah Thomas flipped the ball to Murray—a subtle way of saying, "what now, young blood?"

Isaiah Thomas gets petty and throws the ball at Jamal Murray as the game clock winds down. The disrespect. pic.twitter.com/N7TohXaeGy

— gifdsports (@gifdsports) March 14, 2018

Murray had 18 points, six rebounds, four assists, and two steals in the Nuggets' loss.