Quavo may be an Atlanta Hawks fan, but that didn't stop him from taking home Kevin Durant's jersey after the Golden State Warriors beat them on Friday night.

While other notables like Chris Tucker and Atlanta Falcons wide-receiver Mohamed Sanu were in the audience, Durant decided to give Quavo the jersey right off of his back after the team's win. Even the announcer didn't expect Durant's decision, and thought that the MVP would hand it off to one of the countless Warriors fans in the stadium.

"Some lucky young fan is going to get a jersey from Kevin Durant that's for sure," said the announcer right before Durant smoothly hands it off to the Migos member. "And Quavo is going to get it."

This isn't the first time that Quavo got major love at a basketball game. Earlier this week, he shot a T-shirt cannon at another Atlanta Hawks game against Los Angeles Lakers. The crowd even chanted for the 2018 Celebrity All-Star MVP to get in the game. They're not the only ones either. The Hawks' DJ, Big Tigger is in favor of Quavo joining the team for a 10-day deal. "I don't know if he can play any defense but he can get us a couple buckets," according to TMZ Sports.

At another time, Quavo asked Lonzo Ball for a pair of Big Baller Brand sneakers (size 9.5, that is). If he got them, it would certainly match his Durant jersey for a basketball legends-in-the-making collection.

But as Quavo assembles more gear, check out the hand-off in the clip above.