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After celebrating their Super Bowl win all night, Philadelphia Eagles players Jay Ajayi and Corey Clement stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live to talk about their historic victory.

Throughout the interview, the players made sure to give praise to their quarterback, Nick Foles. "Nick did a great job of keeping his eyes on the ball," said Ajayi on the show at one point.

They also went over a controversial play from the game that had spectators torn on whether or not it qualified as a touchdown. But it ultimately passed as a score with the referees. "I knew once I caught the ball, the refs always have to make it interesting," said Clement, who made the aforementioned touchdown. Ajayi had his own reasons to enjoy the touchdown as well. "It only made it sweeter that a couple plays in the other series with the Pats, they threw it to 12 [Tom Brady's number] and you saw what happened with that one," he said. "Our quarterback, you know, he gets it done."

But after all that praise of Foles, Kimmel tried to slip in a quick prank on the two (who previously mentioned that they were "running on E") toward the end of the video. He asked them how they felt about their quarterback getting traded after their first Super Bowl win. The two footballers looked at each other in disbelief before turning back to a laughing Kimmel and realizing that it was all a joke. Tweeters caught the moment too and made sure to give their take on Kimmel's antics.

Check out the clip above.