With the Winter Olympics in PyeongChang finally underway, athletes from all over the world descended on South Korea ready to go for gold, but some are obviously way more excited than others. Members of the Norwegian Olympic team seemed to really take to Korea's history with viral videos and took a hand in making their own. The clip opens with some of the team's athletes attempting to correctly pronounce "PyeongChang," before getting to the confusing parts, which is basically the entire thing.

It's obvious they pulled tons of inspiration from 2012's "Gangnam Style," even outfitting one athlete kind of like a white Psy, singing the song in both English and (really bad) Korean, and shooting parts of the video in a stable just like the original clip - which sits at over three billion views on YouTube, by the way.

 Sports Illustrated shared the video this morning via Twitter, billing it the "unofficial song of the Winter Olympics."

There are fart jokes, there are animal costumes and, as expected, lots of dancing. So essentially, none of the things your mind goes to when you think of the Olympics or sports. Watch the whole video above.