Leslie Jones is back with her stellar Olympics commentary.

On Thursday, Jones recorded the Winter Olympics on her TV screen as she delivered some hilarious reactions and advice about the games. Then just two days later, after a long flight to Seoul, the 50-year-old comedian took a five-hour car ride to PyeongChang to bless fans with some real-time onsite Olympics commentary. And of course, she's already sharing some gold medal–worthy tweets. 

In one tweet, she referred to an ice skater's shirt as the "Jerry Seinfeld's puffy shirt" and said another looked like a shirt that a villainous Elvis would wear.

At another point, she said she wanted to "Puccini him in the face for this outfit!!" when referring to an ice skater.

During one of the live musical performances the comedian asked her fans, "Where is DJ Khaled when you fucking need him?" 

Jones also attended her first hockey game and had a question most first-timers do: "can they do that?"

Back in 2016, Jones shared her love for the Olympic games on Twitter before NBC invited her to cover the summer games with them in Rio de Janeiro. While Jones has a budding career as a comedian, if she ever wanted to switch over to sports commentator, she's pretty much got the job. In the meantime, keep up with her commentary here.