Cleveland Cavaliers All-Star forward Kevin Love has been sidelined since late January with a broken bone in his left hand, but that clearly hasn’t impacted his Twitter game. Barstool Sports came for Love with a tweet based on the familiar theme of Kevin Love not fitting in with his Cavs teammates, and a plot twist came in the form of Love quickly clapping back.

The original tweet was a meme of a group of kids dancing, as one white kid unsuccessfully tried to stay on beat.

“Kevin Love trying his best to fit in with the Cavs,” read the tweet from the official Barstool Sports account. The shot could be a reference to LeBron James’ infamous “fit-out” sub-tweet directed at Love in 2015. 

Saturday, as the tweet was on its way to amassing 30,000 likes, Love likely checked his mentions and offered his response.

“Still trying my best to fit in??? Check out this Primo [box]. Once again...jokes on you @barstoolsports.”

Love flexed with his championship ring from the 2016 Finals, and snuck in a reference to his 2017 reply to a previous Barstool Sports tweet poking fun at him by comparing him to yet another rhythmically challenged white child.

This friendly Twitter feud between Kevin Love and Barstool Sports may have the funniest “box” references this side of SNL. Love may be injured, but he's clearly ready with clapbacks.