Are DeAndre Jordan's days with the Los Angeles Clippers numbered? While Jordan may be the only one who knows the answer to that question, the 29-year-old center may have recently dropped a major hint regarding his future with the Clippers. Neal J. Leitereg of the Los Angeles Times reported on Thursday that Jordan listed his Malibu home for sale at $6.5 million. If DeAndre is determined to stick it out with the Clips, why is he trying to sell his two-story house?

Jordan will need to decide if he takes his player option this offseason at $24.1 million, according to Spotrac. There may not be another team in the league willing to spend anywhere close to that type of money for him, so his best option would be to coerce the Clippers into working out a sign-and-trade. Then there's Stephen Smith's theory that Jordan wants to be traded to the Houston Rockets. However, the most intriguing scenario involves DeAndre—and we apologize in advance to the rest of the league—going to the Golden State Warriors.

The Warriors don't have many weaknesses, but if there is one glaring issue, it's at the center position. Jordan immediately solves that problem. And if there's one team that can convince DeAndre to take a pay cut, it's the Warriors. Last year, Jordan's good friend Kevin Durant took a big pay cut to keep Andre Iguodala and Shaun Livingston on the roster. Durant would almost certainly do the same if it meant having DeAndre on the team. And if Jordan is already willing to take a dip in salary in order to have a better chance at a title, then what's the point in staying with a middle-of-the-road Western Conference team like the Clippers?