In December, it was reported that Tom Brady's personal nutrition/fitness guru Alex Guerrero had been banned from the Patriots' sideline and had essentially been barred from working with the Patriots—aside from his duties with Brady—altogether. A couple weeks later, ESPN's dynamic longform writer Seth Wickersham published a lengthy piece that delved into the Patriots' evolving internal tensions.

As the piece told it, there were serious problems within the Patriots organization, including infighting between Guerrero and head coach Bill Belichick. Guerrero spoke with WEEI on Tuesday night and said he and Belichick shared a laugh over the story. He even said the supposed rivals high-fived after it was published.

The ESPN story suggested Brady felt pressure from his backup Jimmy Garoppolo, who, as a result, was traded to the 49ers. The story stated Guerrero refused to treat Garoppolo at his TB12 facility. Guerrero refuted that piece of the report as well.

Belichick has also claimed the report was inaccurate.

Despite whatever internal fuss may be going on in New England, the team is headed to its eighth Super Bowl in the Belichick-Brady era, versus the Philadelphia Eagles, this Sunday.