Move over for one second, Grammys, because Joel Embiid just murdered Russell Westbrook, and callously stared at his lifeless body as he walked away. It was cold-blooded, but there was also a bit of karma at play, especially after what went down the last time these two teams squared off. 

Back in December, the Oklahoma City Thunder defeated the Philadelphia 76ers, 119-117, in an epic three-overtime showdown. After Embiid waved goodbye to Steven Adams after the Thunder center fouled out, Westbrook returned the favor when OKC finally came away victorious by doing the same gesture back at Embiid. It seemed as though Russ got the last laugh. Or that's what we thought until tonight. 

Now, all anyone wants to talk about is how Embiid dunked all over Westbrook on live TV. 

The Thunder ended up winning the game 122-112, and Westbrook seemingly got the last laugh.

Although Embiid made sure to share his own thoughts on the "tough loss." Peep the location on his IG.