The Cleveland Cavaliers seem to be one wrong move away from a full implosion. They've been through multiple losing skids this season, Kyrie Irving's replacement Isaiah Thomas isn't gelling with the team yet, and for some reason, nobody will leave Kevin Love alone—especially Thomas. Well despite all of the recent turmoil largely centered around the Cavs' new point guard, at least someone within the Cavs organization is fairly fond of I.T.: owner Dan Gilbert.

Following a very publicized team meeting that included Thomas allegedly at the center of an attack on Love, rumors are already swirling that Thomas is on the trading block just a month into his stint on the court for Cleveland. However, that seems unlikely after this latest news. According to Bleacher ReportThomas has already developed a very good relationship with the owner.

"Thomas has become a favorite of Gilbert, and they often exchange calls and text messages," says the report. "This isn't necessarily unusual on a team with an owner who is as involved in the basketball side of things as Gilbert is. It also isn't great for locker room chemistry, because the rest of the players know it."

One guy in Cleveland—the best player in the world, LeBron James—isn't exactly too fond of Gilbert, so Thomas buddying up with him probably has not boded well for locker room chemistry.

Thomas has not been taking the criticism against him sitting down. He apparently even believes the team can turn this all around.

This past Saturday, things got pretty uncomfortable when he was asked about his shot selection when he's on the floor affecting the team.

Clearly, these rifts are not just being fabricated by the media. There is a very real problem in the Cavs locker room right now, and if they don't fix it, they'll likely be sitting out the Finals this year.

At least all the recent issues led to this epic rant by Shannon Sharpe.