The story of Gerald Green is one of the best to come out of the current NBA season. Cut from the Milwaukee Bucks just before the season began, Green was out of work until signing a one-year deal with his hometown team, the Houston Rockets, in Dec. 2017. Since joining the team, he has become an important role player, averaging 16.6 points per game off the bench. So, how did he stay in shape during those months when he was out of a job? According to Bleacher Report, Green trained with his dog. 

Yup, apparently Green's dog is Air Bud. "I just played one-on-one outside in my driveway with my Rottweiler," says Green. This guys is currently dropping buckets on professional athletes and was running pick-up games with his dog. As Kevin Durant would say, this guy can "REALLY hoop." 

Green's reasoning for the four-legged training partner is pretty valid too. "Dogs don't get tired," he says. This Rottweiler takes the term "man's best friend" to a whole new level. 

While Green has always been a solid player in the league, his immediate success upon his return to a top-tier team is still slightly surprising. He's added yet another sharpshooter to the Rockets' already deadly lineup, currently shooting 49.2% from three-point range. Earlier this month against the Golden State Warriors, Green dropped 29 points and went 8-15 from behind the arc, proving he is certainly worthy of keeping his current roster spot. 

So, how exactly did those one-on-one contests with his dog go? Green says, "My Rottweiler really don't talk much. He just bites."

Green's efforts in Houston have occurred away from the court as well. Earlier this week, he sent a message to his followers on Instagram saying that there are still a ton of locals in need of assistance following the devastating effects of Hurricane Harvey this past August.

Speaking on his latest opportunity with the Rockets, Green could not be more thankful. "I just kept working. I told myself, 'When it's over, it's over, and I'm gonna know when it's over.' But I never gave up, and God blessed me with an opportunity I never thought I would have."