The Eagles blew out the Vikings to advance to Super Bowl LII on Sunday night, and after they did, their fans spent the remainder of the night celebrating in the streets of Philadelphia. Even though local authorities tried their best to limit the celebrations by putting heaping amounts of grease on just about every single pole in the vicinity of Lincoln Financial Field and other areas of Philly, Eagles fans still found a way to get to the top of them.

But one Eagles fan had a really unfortunate incident with a pole after the game, and it could end up putting him on IR until the Super Bowl in two weeks. The fan hasn’t yet been identified, but he was desperately trying to catch a subway train before it left a station after the game when he got absolutely destroyed by a pole in the process.

The clip of the fan running into the pole quickly went viral, and people haven’t been able to get enough of it over the course of the last 12 hours.

Someone even put it into suuuuper slow-motion to make it even better.

The good news for the Eagles fan is that he still feels better than most of the Vikings fans out there. At least his team is still going to the Super Bowl despite the blindside hit he took. But it’s a good thing his team has next weekend off, because he’s probably going to need more than a few days to recover from this. Ouch.