Everyone loves to sleep. Nothing is better than getting home from work or school and plopping down in your bed to do absolutely nothing except bask in your cozy glory. But you know who must really love sleep? Dion Waiters. The Miami Heat guard took to Instagram yesterday to show off an insanely unnecessary 10-foot full bed set up.

According to Waiters' caption, the bed was made by Maree, a company known for its custom luxury beds. Seriously though, this bed is insane. The headboard goes up to the ceiling. It fits like 10 pillows. The best part of the photo is that Waiters, for some reason, is situated to the far left side of the bed. By the looks of it, at least 4 or 5 more Dion Waiters could fit on the mattress. As expected, Twitter couldn't get enough of this cozy monstrosity. 

Waiters is not the first NBA player to flex a bed capable of hosting an entire starting five. Indiana Pacers center Al Jefferson also copped a 10-foot wide, $23,000 bed. Perhaps the most iconic bedframe in the history of humankind is Shaq's circular Superman bed he flexed on MTV Cribs that made the 7-foot, 300-plus pound Hall of Famer look like a regular sized human. 

Whether the bed is impractical or not, Waiters is a certified cozy boy after this purchase.