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Steph Curry and Kevin Durant's bond goes back well before Durant joined the Golden State Warrion in 2016. The teammates first got to know each other back in 2010 when they both played for Team USA in the FIBA World Championship in Turkey. The pair recently spoke to Rachel Nichols of ESPN where Curry shared the story of what Durant had to say when he first mentioned his plans to propose to Ayesha Curry.

The players have since become two of the NBA's most famous and respected athletes, but in 2010, a then 21-year-old Durant and then 22-year-old Curry were just young kids thrown into a lifestyle that others merely dream of. The two got to know each other both on and off the court that year in Turkey and quickly formed a friendship that would continue throughout their professional careers. 

Curry remembered that Durant was one of the first people he mentioned his proposal plans to, and his response was hilariously candid, yet not unexpected from a 21-year-old dude. "We were sitting at dinner, me and a couple other teammates... And we were talking about it. I was stressed out cause when I got back from Turkey I thought I was going to propose to my wife. And I told him at the table and he’s looking at me sideways like, ‘For real? You ready?’" Curry said.

Now six years into Steph and Ayesha's marriage, the teammates were able to laugh about it. Durant remarked, "We were young. We were 21! Go ahead, I’m gonna do my thing. Have some fun."