The man who accused Ray Allen of threatening him after their alleged relationship went south, has dropped his case against the former NBA star. Back in November, Bryant Coleman accused Allen of making violent threats over the phone and sending men to kill him, prompting Coleman to take out a temporary restraining order against the former guard. A Florida judge granted Coleman’s petition for the restraining order after Coleman claimed Allen had been spying on him and called him to say was going to "ensure that I went away and never opened my mouth again." These allegations came quickly after Allen filed an emergency motion, accusing Coleman of stalking him.

Allen addressed the allegations as completely fraudulent, asserting that Coleman was a dubious character and had catfished him by pretending to be a number of attractive women. Through his attorney, Allen referred to Coleman as a "deranged individual." According to court documents obtained by TMZ, Coleman dropped the charges voluntarily, but there’s no explanation as to why he did so.

Allen’s attorney, David Markus​, made a public announcement saying he and his client were pleased at the turn of events. Markus went on to say that "Ray has never met with Coleman. Ray Allen has never spoken with Coleman. Ray has never threatened him or anyone. He wants nothing to do with him and is looking forward to putting this matter behind him."

During his NBA career, Allen played for the Milwaukee Bucks, Seattle Supersonics, Boston Celtics and Miami Heat.

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